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Gourmet Beef on Grass

100% Grass Fed

Pasture Finished

Antibiotic  Free

Three D Ranch is a family owned and operated farm. We take pride in the quality of cattle and grass fed beef that we raise. Red Devon cattle are known for their ability to produce a high quality beef on grass alone. They are a heritage breed that derived from Devonshire England and were brought here by the Pilgrims. Red Devon are a medium sized cow that are docile and hardy. 

100% Grass Finished Beef

Three D Ranch proudly raises Red Devon Cattle and provides quality grass-fed, grass finished beef. We are located near Routes18 and 22 outside of Burgettstown, PA. Our farm is situated on 280 acres and is picturesque with beautiful rolling hills.  

Why Grass-Fed, Grass Finished Beef

What are the benefits of Grass-Finished Beef?

Grass-Finished Beef is all natural and hormone free. It is also lower in fat, calories, and has more Omega 3’s.

Omega 3s:

Omega 3s are the “good fats” and the most heart friendly. People that eat more Omega 3s are less likely to have high blood pressure, 50% less chance of a heart attack, and may reduce your risk of cancer.

The CLA benefit:

Grass-fed animals are the richest known source of this other good fat called conjucted linoleic acid. CLA is one of the most potent defenses against cancer.

Vitamin E:

Along with Omega 3s and CLA, grass-fed beef is high in vitamin E . Vitamin E has also been linked to lower risk of heart disease and cancer. This potent antioxidant may also have anti-aging properties.

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