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Our Story

Three D Ranch is a family owned and operated farm. Doug, Daniel, and David Bentrem and their families are the ones

that work together to maintain the farm. Here is a little bit about each of the families and how we all contribute to the farm.


Doug Bentrem is the father of Daniel and David. He established the farm back in 1963. Doug started raising, breeding, and training quality American Quarter Horses, which he continued for the next 40+years and also started raising and selling grass-fed beef. Doug is a former   board member of the Washington County Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and chair for Government relations. Doug is also a former board member for Red Devon USA. He graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with his Bachelor of Science in Education and University of Pittsburgh with his Masters degree in Education. Doug is a retired insurance agent for State Farm. He is dedicated to preserving agriculture land for future generations, benefit, and enjoyment. Doug also started agriculture secure area for Hanover Twp, Washington County, Pennsylvania and is a lifetime member for the AQHA ( American Quarter Horse Association).

Meet the Family


Daniel and Cody are proud parents of three beautiful young girls Alaina, June, and Gwen.  Daniel and Cody met while enjoying the love they share for horses. Daniel has his own construction business, Dandy Construction, that he does along with caring for the cows and maintaining much of the farm. He takes care of building and maintaining the fence, clearing trees for pasture for the cows, and has built a few of the buildings for hay storage and storing equipment. Daniel graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with his Bachelor of Science in Education. Daniel and Cody have a lifetime of working with horses. Cody and the girls help with taking care of the animals and make sure they are fed, healthy, and happy.  You will also find their girls along side of Daniel helping with anything they can.


David and Sarah have three children as well. They have a girl, Haylie and two boys, Alec and Dean. David is Certified Journeyman Farrier by trade along with the daily duties of the farm.   David graduated from Bethany College with a Bachelor degree in Equine Management. He also returned to Bethany College as an adjunct professor for the same program.David currently is the 

vice-president for Beaver-Lawerence County Farm Bureau and is a former American Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee member and also served as chair and vice-chair for Pennsylvania Young Farmers and Ranchers.  David and Sarah served as committee members for the Young Farmers and Ranchers program for Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and represent District 16, which consists of Washington, Westmoreland, Greene, Fayette, and Allegheny counties. David and Sarah also met because of horses. They both grew up with and around horses. Sarah is a stay at home mom and gives horseback riding lessons and therapeutic horsemanship.  She received her riding certification thru CCHI ( Christian Camp Horsemanship International), which is CHA certified, and is certified in both Western and English lessons along with a Trail Guide certification. Sarah most recently received her Equine Specialist certification thru PATH International.

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